Mexican Food Recipes for Those that are Health Conscious

Mexican food recipes are calorie rich and bear more fat. The reputation that they have earned seems well justified. The content of sodium and fat is quite high in your cheese Chimichanga and beef; a single item might show 445 calories. When you have a small cream laden taco, its fat content is pretty high and can add 400 calories.Mexican Food Recipes

This article is meant to throw some light upon the delicious Mexican dishes that are low on calories and yet show a good rank on your health meter. You’re bound to come across wide variety Mexican dishes in the market that possess fewer calories, fat and carbohydrates.

Following are some Mexican dishes preferred by health conscious people –


It is a sauce that goes high on nutrition. It’s truly tasty and possess lesser fat as it’s made of tomatoes and carrots; these ingredients possess vitamins C and A that are good for your health.

Tortilla chips

Chips of this type are quite crispy and go low on calories and fat when you bake them instead of frying them. Besides possessing good nutrients, folate and thiamin, they produce a nice flavor when you accentuate them with the right corn and sauce.


When it comes to Mexican cuisine, a prominent role is played by Chiles. Alongside a heat sensation, you’ll have much more out of them. Besides being rich in vitamins like B6 and C, valuable anti-oxidants are supplied by the phytochemicals present in them. They possess zero calories and less fat as they are consumed free of oil.


seafoodNumerous Mexican dishes contain seafood as their primary ingredient. Mexican cuisine includes Ceviche in most of its traditional forms. The fact that most of its ingredients are eaten raw gives way for an easy comparison to Japanese sushi. By substituting a few small things you’ll be able to create a healthy meal out of the traditional burrito found in North Mexico.


A good number of Mexican drinks contain high calories, but this problem can be resolved very easily. Take for instance the delicious drink of Rompope, which is based on Rum and is often offered as the liqueur post dinner. Much of its fat content can be eliminated when you add some sugar substitute. It doesn’t make much of a difference in taste too.

In spite of huge calories present in some foods, healthy dinner recipes can be distinct and enjoyed without them. Without risking your health, a few smart choices can provide for a wholesome and tasty meal.


Insight on Salad as a Part of Indian Food Recipes

When you are trying to find best chinese food recipes, you can look for information in the internet platform. With genuine information in your hands, selecting and cooking the best recipes that are popular, exotic, and tasty in the Indian culture would be easy and effortless for you. There are numerous types of spices that are generally used in cooking these dishes. So, it would be a better choice for you to make sure that you food recipe selection process involves all the ingredients that are available in your area. Here we are going to start with a few simple salad recipes in order to make sure that you have enough hang of it and would be able to venture ahead to cook various other dishes with ease. indian salad

Indian cooking is not all about rice and curry. There is a multitude of different recipes that can bring new tastes and experience to your taste bud that you have never felt ever before. Here we are going to start with simple salads which have lots of vegetable and flavor to keep your taste buds surprised.

  1. Indian Egg Salad– Among many Indian food recipes, egg salad has gained popularity because it is easy to prepare and serves up a healthy diet control process which keeps your bodily functions maintained with filling up your stomach. You can use cilantro or turmeric in the salad to improve its colour and flavour. Adding a few pieces of potato, 2 or 3 eggs, and vegetables like carrot, cabbage leaves, cucumber, and onions in the salad would help you to keep your stomach full with nutrition. Adding mustard and chilli would be according to your preference to enjoy the food as spicy as you like it. You can take this salad with rice and other side dishes.
  2. Yogurt and Vegetable Salads– As westerners use mayo to make their dishes cool and creamy, Indian food recipes use yogurt in the vegetables to make cool and healthy salads. Vegetables like- tomato, green onion, cucumber, radish can be used t make this salad. Mixing them up with yogurt would give them a whitish look and a tangy taste. You have to make sure that the vegetables are chopped in small sizes for easy bites. Adding chilli would definitely depend on your preference. However, some people add fruits in the salads to make it sweeter. After mixing well, you can add salt and pepper to enhance the taste.

These are two of the many Indian salad recipes which you can prepare without any complication and enjoy Indian recipes for a healthy and tasty diet.